Indiana: Pass Constitutional Carry

While five Republican-controlled states passed Constitutional Carry last year, Indiana squandered their supermajorities by failing to become the next Constitutional Carry state.

Of course, this is in large part to blame on the poison pill amendment added to the legislation by the bill’s author, Rep. Ben Smaltz.

It should have been so simple.

The Indiana House and Senate could have pushed Constitutional Carry to the Governor’s desk with little resistance.

It is clear that the bill last session was hastily cobbled together in the name of compromise, without realizing the full ramifications of the policies added to the bill and championed by those who refused to read the bill.

It was reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi’s quip during the Obamacare fight that “we have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

Not a single Constitutional Carry state, now 21 of them, has the database system championed by Rep. Ben Smaltz that could have led to all sorts of civil liberty violations, as well as delaying the implementation for over a year.

Gun owners will settle for nothing less than true Constitutional Carry!

That’s why I am calling on all pro-gun patriots in Indiana to unite and insist lawmakers only pass a TRUE Constitutional Carry bill.

We must urge Representatives like Ben Smaltz to not compromise on Constitutional Carry in 2022 and that is why I need you to tell your legislators to STAND FIRM and pass TRUE Constitutional Carry!

Fill out the form on this page to contact Judiciary committee members today!