Pass Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry is on the move in Indiana!

Thanks to the pressure you’ve put on the politicians in Indianapolis, House Bill 1369 — one of the seven Constitutional Carry bills filed this year– is scheduled for a hearing!

But unfortunately, as currently drafted, HB 1369 does not allow for Constitutional Carry on land managed by the Department of Natural Resources, leaving in place a DNR rule that requires a permit to carry on DNR property.

Not addressing these restrictions could make it easy for otherwise law-abiding citizens to accidentally run afoul of the law when camping, fishing, or just visiting state parks.

True Constitutional Carry legislation should allow ALL law-abiding citizens to carry in areas where carrying with a permit is already allowed, meaning the House Public Policy Committee must amend HB 1369 to repeal the DNR’s permit requirement to carry on property they manage.

It’s crucial Hoosiers urge the committee members to amend HB 1369 to remove these restrictions then vote for its passage WITHOUT anti-gun amendments!

Fill out the form on this page to contact committee members today!