South Carolina: Constitutional Carry

While other states see bi-partisan efforts to restore your Second Amendment rights, in South Carolina it’s Republicans that continue to obstruct your Second Amendment rights and stand for the gun control status quo.

As the current law stands, if a law abiding gun owner wants to protect themselves or their family in public they must first take government-mandated classes, go through an invasive finger-printing process usually reserved for criminals and then wait 90 days, all to exercise a God-given right.

Constitutional Carry would remove these draconian requirements by restoring the rights of gun owners and allowing anyone who can legally possess a firearm to legally carry that firearm for self-defense.

With Constitutional Carry, the Second Amendment is the only permit you need.

But judging from past fights, it will require a laser focused energy from the grassroots movement to pressure the Senate into passing Constitutional Carry H. 3096.

With Republican super majorities in both the House and Senate there is NO excuse to perpetuate the wishes of the gun control mob in South Carolina any longer.

There is NO excuse to not restore the rights of gun owners.

Contact your Senator and tell them to stop stonewalling. PASS Constitutional Carry NOW!