South Carolina: Stop the Gag Act

If there’s one thing that anti-gun politicians hate, it’s being exposed by gun owners like you.

Especially around election time when they’re clamoring for support.

The political class has been shown just how effective our members are at reclaiming their power and rights from government.

Not surprisingly, all this comes at a time when gun owners have levied more pressure than ever on anti-gun politicians to pass Constitutional Carry.

Now, Senators Hugh Leatherman, Sean Bennett, Greg Hembree, and Luke Rankin are on the move to pass legislation that not only will tie the hands of pro-gun groups like PGR but silence gun owners across the state.

They want you to shut up and do what you’re told.

And that’s why corrupt politicians are working around the clock to advance Senate Bill 174, also known as the Gag Act, to silence gun owners across South Carolina.

If passed, SB 174 will ban pro-gun groups like Palmetto Gun Rights from even mentioning a legislators name around election time, keeping their bad behavior a secret and giving them full reign over your gun rights.

Those organizations that are active during election time will be forced to hand over a list of their donors to the government, opening gun owners up to political retribution just for fighting for your Second Amendment rights!

Tell your legislators to do everything in their power to STOP THE GAG ACT!